Technical Survey: The Toon Shader for Anime and Beyond

A technical survey was published in the Journal of IEICE (February 2024 issue).

Elevating the Experience: Contributing to SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 as Featured Sessions Chair!

SIGGRAPH Asia returns to Tokyo in December 2024! Featured Sessions focus on the current hot topics related to computer graphics and interactive techniques. Let's all work together to make SA24 a success!

Talk Session: INTER BEE IGNITION × DCEXPO [2023.11.17]

June Kim (SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Sydney Conference Chair) will also give an update on SA23.

Talk at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [2023.10.6]

Talk title is "Digital Anime Production Process and R&D Overview".

25-Year-Old Video Work “Tour Into the Picture” at SIGGRAPH 2023

Our video work from 25 years ago will be screened in the special program of SIGGRAPH 2023, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Paper Presentation at Shape Modeling International (SMI 2023)

We are invited to present our paper at SMI 2023 in Genova, Italy, as part of the 3rd International Geometry Summit (IGS 23).

Technical Paper: Saliency detection for large-scale mesh decimation

Our research paper "Saliency detection for large-scale mesh decimation" has been accepted by Computers & Graphics.